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Rugs For Less Than 

Price Of One 

This sixteen page book- 
let brings you the bargain of a 

lifetime. It is the greatest offer ever 
made in the history of house furnish- 
ings. Ours is the only house in 
America that can make such an offer. 
You scarcely need to think about 
money to take advantage of it. 
Pages eight and nine; also four 
and five are particularly interesting. 
Look at them first. 
Every word on every page of 
this booklet is of extreme interest to 
you. Do not cast it hurriedly aside. 
You have never been made an offer 
like this before and it may never 
come to you again. 

Free Catalog 

You will surely want our latest 

book of 10,000 bargains any way. There 

is a postcard enclosed with your name 

and address already printed on it. 

Just place a one cent stamp on it d 

and put it in the mails, to be 

sure of your free 


May. Stern fc. 


For All Four 
Congoleum Rugs 

This is the greatest bargain ever 

offered the American public. It includes 
one big room size, 9 x 12 foot Congoleum 
Rug with three small rugs to match, each 
small rug 18 x 36 inches. We bring you all four 
rugs for less than the regular standard adver- 
tised price of the big rug alone. One dollar brings 
all four rugs on trial, for 30 days use. If pleased, 
you take a year to pay. 

Choice of TWO Famous Patterns-Genuine Congoleum- 
3 Rugs Free-Year to Pay-All for Less Than Price of One 

Never has anyone been able to make an offer like ours. We may never be able to repeat it. 
Ours is the only house in America that can offer you a genuine Gold Seal Congoleum Rug at an under price — give 
you extra three small rugs free— and besides all that allow you to pay almost as you please. 

Genuine Gold Seal Congoleum Rugs are known 
everywhere and are rapidly becoming the national floor 
covering. They are universally used in good homes 
everywhere, in any and all rooms. They are uncondi- 
tionally guaranteed for wear. Each and every rug, 
even the small ones, bears the Gold Seal that means 
absolute satisfaction or money back. 

We bring you the choice of two of the most 
famous Gold Seal Congoleum patterns ever produced. 
On pages 4 and S we show you one of the patterns in 

real colors. On pages 8 and 9 we show you the other 
pattern, also in full colors. 

Scattered throughout the pages of this booklet 
we show you other views of these beautiful rugs, how 
they are used by home lovers everywhere. We also 
show you how the small rugs will become almost indis- 
pensable to your housekeeping. 
Remember, that whichever pattern you pick 
out, you get with it, absolutely free, three small rugs to 
match— all four rugs for less than the regular standard 
advertised price of the 9x12 foot rug alone. 

Oriental Pattern No. 534 

Shown in Colors on Pages 8 and 9 

Probably the best thing to do right now is to turn to 

pages 8 and 9 and get an idea, immediately, of the beauty of 
the pattern, the wonderful design and coloring— then go back 
and read this booklet through, page by page— every word. 



for All 

If Ordered in Time 

Never in the history of any kind of merchandise has anyone equaled our 

record-breaking purchase and sale of genuine Gold Seal Congoleum Art Rugs. 

Last season we started our campaign to place one of these magnificent, guaranteed floor 
coverings in every American home. In a few short 

$1.00 Brings All Four Rugs 

months 100,000 people had accepted our offer. 

This season we intend to double that num- 
ber. And this season we are adding to our bargain, 
making it even better than before — an offer that 
probably has never been equaled in any sort of mer- 
chandise any time, anywhere. 

Bargain offers are old stories. But our bar- 
gain can be proven quickly and hardly without rising 
from your easy chair. 

Look through the last copies of your favorite 
magazines. You are almost sure to find a big full 
page advertisement for Congoleum Gold Seal Rugs 
in actual colors. 

Make a note of the price — the universal cash 
price— of the 9 foot by 12 foot size. Go to any furni- 
ture store, look through any catalog and verify this 
price. See how everybody, everywhere, sells Congo- 
leum Gold Seal Rugs at one and the same price. 

Four Rugs for Less 
Than the Price of One 

A full room size, 9 foot x 12 foot, genuine 
Congoleum Gold Seal Art Rug and three small rugs 
to match, all four for less than the regular standard 
advertised cash price of the big rug alone. 

And on top of this bargain price, on top of 
giving you three small rugs free, we send you all four 
rugs for only one dollar with your order. 

We send all four rugs for 30 days free trial. 

We allow you to return them, if you wish, at 
the end of a month and we will refund your dollar 
and all transportation costs. » 

And if you keep them and are delighted with 

them, we will give you a whole year to pay. 

No house in America can duplicate this offer. 

on 30 Days' Free Trial 

There is nothing to think about, there is 
nothing to wonder about, nothing to find out about. 
Almost everybody knows all about genuine Gold Seal 
Congoleum Art Rugs. Practically every magazine 
and newspaper carries the message of this national 
floor covering. 

All good merchants are proud to display 
them prominently. Most every housewife is familiar 
with them and wants them. 

This Offer Holds Good 
While Our Stock Lasts 

The biggest order for a single item of mer- 
chandise ever placed in the history of the mail order 
business was not sufficient, last season, to take care of 
all our orders for Congoleum Rugs. Our order this 
season is double. It runs into millions of dollars. Still 
we know we will not be able to get enough of these 
beautiful Congoleum Rugs to satisfy everybody. 

There isn't the slightest reason for you to 

hesitate one minute about sending your order. All 
you have to do is to turn to pages 8 and 9, where one 
beautiful pattern is displayed in real colors; then turn 
to pages 4 and 5, where the other lovely pattern is 
pictured almost exactly as it looks on the floor. 

Make up your mind which pattern you want. 
Pin a dollar bill to the order blank enclosed and let us 
send it to you, with three rugs free, on trial. 

And back of our Double Bond 

Guarantee is the Gold Seal Guaran- 
tee of the Congoleum Company, 
which assures you. positively, abso- 
lute satisfaction with each and every 
genuine Congoleum Rug or your 
money back. 





Order m , 
Not Enough 

Free Catalog of 10,000 Other Furniture Bargains 

Everything on the same liberal credit. All selections 

sent on approval. Satisfaction always guaranteed. 

$1 00 brings any order up to $30.00 worth. 

$2.00 brings up to $40.00 worth. 

$3.00 brings up to $50.00 _^^g| A "T I 



Page 3-Inq. 



This is Pattern No. 408 

Mosaic Tile Design in Blue and Gray 

This is the most famous of all Congoleum Rug patterns. 

It has proved to be the most popular, the most desired and the 

biggest favorite ever put before the public. 

We have tried to picture here, as nearly as possible, the stunning 

beauty of this wonderfully beautiful Congoleum tile pattern. It is a design 
that looks exactly like the finest mosaic. It is bright, cheerful and pleasing 
in appearance. 

The main color scheme is in robin's egg blue with shading of 
Dutch blue, and a background of soft stone gray. It is impossible, with mere 
printer's ink, to bring out the truly beautiful colors of the lovely blue shades 
shown in this splendid mosaic tile design. 

It is a rug that is absolutely unbeatable for use in the kitchen. 
Thousands of people who bought this rug from us last season used it in their 
dining rooms. Wherever you place it, its soft, harmonizing colorings are bound 
to please you beyond your fondest expectation. 

Remember that with the big 9x12 foot size, we also send you, abso- 
lutely free, three small rugs to match, all four for less than the regular price of one. 

Only $1.00 with Order Blank — $1.50 Monthly 

U. rifiP/lftO 9x12 Foot. Congoleum Gold Seal Rue, with three *1 7 QC 
HO. £. 1Q14U0 wnll || .^g, to mKtckt ettc h is x 36 in. All four only «P l ' ' VO 

Year to 




Pin a Dollar to the Order Blank 

FOUR Congoleum Rugs 
far Less Than the Price of One 

The four rugs pictured on these two pages all come 
in one package, all match perfectly, and all for less than the 
regular price of the big rug alone. We actually give you the three 
small rugs free. One dollar is all you send. 11.60 is the amount you 
send monthly. You take a year to pay. 



Foiir (gNGOIffM R u g s 
Less than Price of One 

Beyond doubt, this is one of the greatest values that has ever been offered in any kind of merchandise 
by anyone. Not only do you get four genuine Gold Seal Congoleum Rugs for less than the regular price of just the 
one big rug alone, but with each of the lour rugs comes a guarantee so strong that it can scarcely be matched 

when buying any other kind of merchandise or any other class of goods. 

The Gold Seal that comes pasted on each and every rug is 
the guarantee of the Congoleum Company of complete satisfaction or 
money back. 

This Gold Seal guarantee is unconditional and positive assur- 
ance of absolute satisfaction in the use and service of these 
congoleum rugs. That's what the Gold Seal on a Congoleum 
Rug stands for. Behind the Gold Seal Guarantee of the man- 
ufacturer is our own Double Guranteee Bond. 

Choice of Two Famous Patterns 

IMF 3 Rugs FREE — Special Bargain Price ~W& 

— Year to Pay 

We show two of the most popular Congoleum patterns that have ever 

been produced. The big rug measures 9 x 12 ft. The three small rugs are each 18 x 36 
in. One dollar is all you need send to get your choice of either patterns sent on 30 days' 
trial. If you wish both patterns — send two dollars— AND GET ALL 8 RUGS. 

Brings All Four Rugs on 
a Month's FREE TRIAL! 

Ours is the only house in America that 

can make you such an offer. No one else can 
bring you a genuine guaranteed Gold Seal Congo- 
leum Rug, in the full 9 foot by 12 foot size, with 
three small rugs extra, and all for less than the 
regular price of the big rug alone. And on a 
year credit* 

Use the Special Order Blank Enclosed. 

Write your name and address plainly. Say which 
pattern you want. Pin a dollar to it — mail at 
once. We will ship immediately — on approval all 
four Congoleum Rugs — in one complete neat pack- 
age. No muss, no bother, no trouble to lay. If 
satisfactory take a year to pay. 

If yon return the rugs, your dollar will 
be refunded and also all freight costs. 

Three Ru gs FREE For heavy 

i = wear spots in 

front of range, sink, kitchen. At thresholds, in 
hall, in front of dresser or bed. While this offer 
lasts, we give 3 of these small rugs free with each 
large rug, all 4 for less than the price of one. 

The Rugs of Guaranteed Wear 
ideal for the Farm 

Congoleum Gold Seal Art Rugs are the most popular floor covering 

known. They are rapidly becoming the national floor covering — highly prized in good 
homes for any and all rooms. 

Waterproof. No burlap for water to rot. 

Surface is hard, smooth and wear-resisting. Does not 
stain. Not marred or hurt by spilling of hot liquids. 

They lie flat from the first moment without 

fastening. They never curl up or kick up at edges 
or corners. No need to tack or fasten them down. 
Dirt cannot accumulate underneath. 

Less work. Rid yourself of back-breaking 
drudgery. Dirt, ashes, grit, dust or mud cannot 

"grind into" Congoleum Gold Seal Art Rugs. A 
damp rag or mop keeps it clean and colorings bright. 

No laborious beating, no sending to cleaners. 
Absolutely sanitary. All this guaranteed by the 
famous Gold Seal that means complete satisfaction 
or your money back. 

On the Farm saves endless toil. The trail 
of muddy boots and "tracked in" dirt disappears 
under a damp mop. 

The Famous Tile Pattern— No. 408 
Look at Picture in Colors on Page 4 and 5 

the Gold Seal Congoleum Art Rug that made history last spring, not only for 

'oleum Company but for ourselves. Probably no floor covering of any quality or kind ever 
up the popularity of this beautiful design. % 

In three months this past spring, we placed this beautiful No. 408 pattern in 

one hundred thousand American homes. During all this time, dealers all over the country 
found this pattern so extremely popular that they could not keep up with the demand. 

Just think of one hundred thousand rugs, of a single pattern and of 
a single size, sold to one hundred thousand people just through magazine ad- 
vertisements in a short three months. 

Blue end Stone Gray. It is a superb tile design that looks 

like mosaic. It is bright, cheerful and pleasing. Lovely robin's egg 
blue, with shadings of Dutch blue and a background of soft 
stone gray, give a matchless effect that can scarcely be 
appreciated until seen. 

The design is particularly suited for the 
kitchen or dining room. It's really the utmost ex- 
: z ~ '^S^H^ pression of neatness and good taste. 

^ -? - ; : l^S^s* Only $1.00 with Coupon— $1.50 Monthly 

Nn F 1 fiPAftft 9x * 2 ft * Congoleum Gold Seal 
HO. t lDI/'f UO Rug w itK three small rugs to 
match, each 18x36 <L 1 "7 OC 
in.— all four only . ?*/ -573 *^*— ^ 

This is 

the Con 




Pagefr— INQ. 


Simply Pin a Dollar 

to the Order Blank Enclosed 

^S£X^£S^^^^S^-^s^z-r, w & T r n / me and addre - 

mail at once. We will ship tamediaWv ot aDDmvT a llf^..?rL™i n .. a J°o ar b,,lt0 the order Wank-and then 
No moss, no trouble to lay. SSfacto™, tai£ a ye* to pay nBoleum Ru S*->n one complete, neat packag, 

SSSi n a yeS e L I *y OUrS ~ 10Wer ***? *^ ^ free, 30 

Oriental Pattern No. 534 

The Most Beautiful Congoleum of All 

niiii e i b ^ tt0m oJ i thi , s pa f e we show our new Pattern, a beautiful 
Oriental design in lovely colors. We consider it the most stunning Con 

SSffiSSfSSf pr ? duced - On pages 8 and 9 we show tWs bvely 
11V? ^ffi C ° l0rS ' ,us * as ^V xt ? appearance as possible. But you'll 
meSprinted Rtag*™ * ** the rUg itSelf is far better tharfthis 

The Colorings are indescribably beautiful. 
The. rich shade of blue which dominates the ground 
work, is the color that is being used so much by home 
decorators m expensive homes. It is a true oriental 
blue— a blue with varied shades and tonings that the 
cunning weavers of the Far East have used so much 
in their wonderful masterpieces. 

The graceful, well balanced and pleasing all- 
over design is composed of myriad shades of harmo- 
nizing and blending colors, with here and there a sharp 
note of contrast, that, like all true Oriental designs 
makes it always interesting, always seemingly new! 
Rich, mellow ecru shades and old ivory, with 
light tans, weave their way thr. ugh the field of blue 
Mingled with this cheerful and pleasing effect, are the 
lovely tints and high lights composed of peacock blue 
robin s egg blue and darker tones to show them off! 
Old rose tints, tiny specks of lighter pink, 
shading, in some cases, to a dark mulberry, with 
carefully placed figures in darker browns, round 
out the color scheme. 

Another glance you see a general vining or 
spray effect connecting aJl the various figures, almost 
faint enough to be overlooked at first glance. This is 
in black and here and there a black figure, setting off 
more delicate shadings, has the effect of holding all 
together i n a manner charmingly artistic. 
The Border Background contrasts against the 
blue all-over center by reversing the color scheme. 
hcru and tan shades form the border background 
It gives a splendid note of contrast. 


This is Pattern No. 534 

See It IN COLORS on Pases 8 and 9 

Here is a rug that from a distance of a few 
feet assumes the appearance of a beautiful French 
Wilton, a genuine Oriental. In it you have all the 
advantages of design and coloring, cheerful warmth 
and stunning color effects so much sought after in 
high grade woven fabrics. You have, besides, the 
benefit of wonderful durability, freedom from clean- 
ing, sweeping, hard work and drudgery. 

For Any Room 

Such a beautiful rug is ideal for your 

very best room, for the living room, for the 
dining room. You can't imagine anything 
more bright and cheerful, moi e cozy and home- 
like in the bedroom. It is an all purpose rug that 
you can place anywhere and be proud of it. 
While it is beautiful enough to use in your 
parlor, it is just the sort of pattern and coloring that 
women who like cheerful coloriags and beautiful ap- 
pearance will love to place in your kitchen. It will 
not only lighten your labors because of its easy clean- 
ing but its effect in the kitchen is so cheerful that it 
is bound to make all your kitchen work seem that 
much easier. 

Only $1.00 with Order — $1.50 Monthly 

NO. E16C534 l X M ft * Con e°'eum Gold 
2 "vi/ya-r Sea| R w|t|| h 

Rugs to Match. Each 18x36 OLfT QC 
inches. All four for only - - S>A/«5J5> 

Four Congoleum Rugs 

for Less than the Price of One 

the three smaller companion rues 

are each 18x36 inches. They match the larfe 
wo g nde r flX y ha P ndy CUlar - ^ *" ** th4 

Or you may use them between thresholds 

where they will be especially attractive and pieasin J In 
front of your dresser, at the side of the bed in the "Son? 
hall, you'U find them just what you have always wanted 

Remember that if you select pattern No 534" 
evlry wly 1 ;^ 5 ** C ° me W * h * f ™> wil1 ~teh ft in 

Pay Little by Little 
Taking a Full Year 

If you had to pay full cash for all four of these 
beautiful Congoleum Rugs, it still would Hp *Kp w * 
bargain possible to find anywhere. But we send fei 
IteOToU^* ° f Pattern - f ° r -lyTnlffi 1 fig 
We send them to you on 30 days' free trial 
We tell you to put all rugs down on the floor 
WSEnV* 1 reCeive them and use ^ f o°r°a 
If you return them, we refund your dollar and 
transportation charges both ways. If you want in l™ 
them you spread the cost over a full yea? eep 

You send us only $1.50 monthly until the soe- 
cial bargain price is paid. The only danger is in waft 


If you would like to get both patterns senJ 

sswa, 1 ^ blank - ~ $3o ° saws 

Here is the 
Famous Gold Seal 


Page 7— INQ. 


Be sure to mail your 
postcard for your free copy 
of our Homelover's Bargain Book 
of 10,000 Other Bargains. 




THREE Small 


S^S* , '£*£ N^ 

^J 4 ^ 

■sue- - <-< >- <5g?- 

33^ C — ^ 3 

Each small rug 
measures 18x36 in. All 
three are wrapped with 
the big 9 x 12 ft. 
rug in one com- 
plete, neat 

i) \ a^>^> \ * » 


"how the small 
rugs match 
the big 




will wonder 

how you ever kept' 

house without thenT 


Three Rugs Free 

For heavy wear spots in front 
of range, sink, kitchen. At thresh- 
olds, in hall, in front of dresser or 
bed While this offer lasts, we give 
three of these small rugs free with 
each large rug: all (our for leu 
than the price of one. 



i v^nsrACTion Giu»*NTia> k 

yr @NG0IMM R u g s 
s than Price of Que 

Almost everybody knows the price of the Famous 
Congoleum Gold Seal Art Rugs, They are advertised 
and sold at the same standard price everywhere. 
Look everywhere else first if you wish— stores, 
catalogs, magazines, and newspapers. You'll 
find no other offer like ours. If, for 
any reason you return the rugs, 
your dollar will be refunded 
and also all your freight 

""^S? */** 

Brings All Four Rugs on 
a Month's FREE TRIAL 

Ours is the only house in America that 
can make you such an offer. No one else 
can bring you a genuine guaranteed Gold 
Seal Congoleum Rug, in the full 9 x 12 ft. 
size, with three small rugs extra, and all for 
less than the regular price of the big rug 
alone. And on a year credit. 

Mail the special order blank enclosed. Write 

your name and address plainly. Say which pattern you 
want. Pin a dollar to it— mail at once. 

We will ship immediately — on ap- 
proval — all four Congoleum Rugs — in one 
complete, neat package. No muss, 
no bother, no trouble to lay. If sat- 
isfactory, take a year to pay. 


■~<^a*- -* 

22 ^W^r ~ - 

j£&. *"" : 

Year to 

m , -s» 

v >>. a* 


^4\ ; ^ 



There it only one 
guaranteed Congo* 
leum, identified by the 
Gold Seal above. It protects 
you against dissatisfaction and 
gives you unconditional money* 
back guarantee. Behind the Gold 
Seal Guarantee is our own Double Bond* 

Look for the Gold Seal 

Oft Pages Four and Five 
We Show Another Pattern 

The large rug shown above is the famous Oriental 

Gold Seal Congoleum Rug, pattern No. 534. At the left are shown 
the three free rugs that comewith it — all for less than the price of 
one. They all match perfectly. On pages 4 and 5 we show another pat- 
tern — the famous mosaic tile pattern No. 408. With it also comes three small 
rugs to match. One dollar with the order blank will bring you either pattern, 
with three small rugs to match free. If you wish botb patterns, send two dollars with 
tie order blank — pay three dollars monthly and get all eight ruga. 

This is Pattern No. 534 
Famous Gold Seal Congoleum 

This is the beautiful Gold Seal Congoleum Art 

Rug as shown at the top of this page. On the floor, it looks 
unbelievably like an expensive woven rug. The richest 
blue color dominates the ground work. Mellow ecru, old 
ivories, and light tans, set off the blue field. Mingled with 
these lovely tints are peacock blue, robin's egg blue and 
darker tones. Old rose, tiny specks of lighter pink and 
dark mulberry are artistically placed. Darker browns and 
blacks lend dignity and richness. 

The border background contrasts with the blue all over 
center by reversing the color scheme. Ecru and tan shades form the 
border background. In this rug you have all the advantages • i de- 
sign and coloring of cheerful warmth and lovely color effects so 
much sought after in high grade pile fabrics 

An ideal all purpose rug, beautiful in any room. Perfect 
for living room, or parlor. Lovely in bedroom or dining room. 
Charming in the kitchen. A real boon to the women folks on the 
farms. Saves endless drudgery. 

Only $1.00 with Order Blank— $1.50 Monthly 

W/i ElCrCQil 9*12 ft. Cootoltam Gold SwIRnt <M 7 OC 
11 U. LI V OO'T "I* 11 three " m&u "**■ to match, J> X I •U J 
each 18 x 36 in. — all four only * 


Read These Carefully 





We Refer You to Any Bank 


ss Company in United States 


Jvly €,»•*» 

We hereby afcree to guarantee the faithful and 
complete fulfillment of all agreements, promises and state- 
ments contained in the Spiegel, May, Stem Company 
Guarantee Bond. 

We further a^ree upon application of any customer 
of the Spiefcel, May, Stern Company, to furnish free of 
charge, a legal bond undertaking to assume separate and 
independent responsibility of a financial or other nature 
in the event of any promise, statement or guarantee not 
being carried out as agreed in the Spiegel, May, Stern 
Company Guarantee bond. 

Your own postmaster or station agent; 

any bank in Chicago, New York, or other large cities; or any bank in any 
town in the United States will tell you that the Spiegel, May, Stern Company 
will keep every promise that it makes you. We especially refer you to the Corn 
Exchange National Bank of Chicago? one of the very biggest in the whole country. 

Genuine Gold Seal Congoleum 
The Only Rug of Guaranteed Wear 

There is only one guaranteed congoleum, 

identified by the famous Gold Seal. This Gold 
Seal is pasted u^on each and every rug. Even 
the small rugs that we give you free with this 
wonderful offer are all identically the same 
quality as the big rug and, each and everyone 
bears the famous Gold Seal. 

This Gold Seal guarantee protects you 
against dissatisfaction and gives you an uncon- 
ditional money back guarantee. You never 
bought anywhere at any time, any kind of mer- 
chandise with such positive assurance of 
absolute satisfaction. 

Behind the Gold Seal Guarantee is our 

RMiimt AMirtu* Secretary 

own Double Bond, printed on the front cover of 
cur catalog, and which applies to every pur- 
chase made from our house. Our Double Bond 
is a legal document, legally binding and ob- 
ligates us to live up to every statement, every 
promise that we make. 

It is secured by the National Surety 
Company, whose bond is accepted in any court 
of the land. On this page we print the famous 
Gold Seal, we print our Guarantee Bond, and 
we print the National Surety Company endorse- 

Even if you never heard of the Spiegel, 

May, Stern Company before, you see you never 
take the slightest risk in buying here. 

Don't Fail to Send for Our FREE Bargain Book! 

It brings everything 

with the positive assur- 
ance of guaranteed sat- 
isfaction. The postcard 
mailed today means 
your copy will be sent^ 
you at once. 

Always . 
a Year to Pay 

It brings 10,000 other wonderful bar- 
gains. It brings you the same wonderful 
liberal cred it. It enables you to furnish your 
home the way you would like to have it, 
and pay little by little almost as 
you please. 

Send Your Postcard Todau 
for this BIG FREE BOOK/ 





rage 10 -Inq. 

Nail Your Postcard Today i 






Home Furnishing 

No matter whether or not you send for this wonderful Congo- 

leum Rug bargain, we want you to have a Free copy of our big Home Lover's 
Bargain Book anyway. It shows 10,000 other bargains in beautiful things for 
the home— every thing from cellar to garret. To ge.t it, simply put a one cent 
stamp on your postcard enclosed. Notice your name is already printed on 
the postcard. Then drop it in the mail. 

Before Buying Any Furniture 
Use It a Whole Month FREE I 

Read this offer out aloud to the family. Try to pick flaws in it. 

See if we can ever gain anything by even slightly misleading you. 

First, our book is free and we want you to have it. No matter what you ever 

select from it— whether a few pots and pans for the kitchen or a beautiful bedroom suite, 
your selections are first loaned to you free for a whole month. Your request to see things is 
enough. There will be no red tape, no embarrassment, never any large deposit. 
You assume no obligations to keep anything. Explanations or apologies 
fc are unnecessary when you return articles. We never mention exchanging things. We 
actually urge you to use your selections just like your own for a whole month. 
We know that it is hard to believe all this. Why not read it over again— 
slowly. We mean every word we say. There is no catch anywhere; nothing held back. 
Still it is not quite all we agree to do. For if you keep your selections, you pay little by 
little almost as you please. This is exactly the way we tell you to send for our Bargain 
Congoleum Rug Offer. It's the same with everything we sell. 

Rock Bottom Prices— And We Will Prove It 

We promise in our newest book, real values— not re- 
ductions, discounts or emergency sacrifices. The bargains we 
show will continue to be big values all through the season, and 
for a long time to come. Our Congoleum Rug Offer is just one 
bargain. We show thousands of others. 
^Regardless of everything else, the chance to make a 
real saving on house furnishings should interest you suf- 
ficiently to ask for this free book. With our book in your 
hands, you can determine in a few moments whether the 
things we have told you here are merely claims or actual 
facts. For the sake of mailing your postcard, do you think 
" t to be without it? 



ONE— TWO— or THREE Dollars About All You Ever Need 
10,000 Home Needs Loaned FREE— Credit FREE to All 

No greater display of house furnishings is shown anywhere. It is probably 

the largest book of the kind published. A great many things are shown in their actual 
colors. It costs us, with the mailing, more than $1.00 a copy. 

No matter where you have been $2.00 brings up to $40.00 worth- 

buying furniture, or where you intend to go 
in the future, it will prove invaluable as a 
price guide anyway. It will give anyone won- 
derful ideas about good house furnishings of 
all classes, at all ranges of prices. 

Credit Without Asking 
Pay As You Please 

With our free book come even better 

terms than you dream of now. For instance, 
One Dollar is all you need to get 

$30.00 worth delivered on 30 days' free trial. 

$3.00 brings up to $50.00 worth. 


This credit is offered freely to every- 
body, no matter where you live, what your 
position may be, or what your income is. 
There is never any annoyance or bother be- 
fore you order or afterwards. No collectors; 
we hate red tape. 

Our kind of credit is the sort that folks have 
always enjoyed, when buying a home. Only we have 
no mortgages, no legal bother of any kind. We 
simply allow you to pay for home comforts while 
you use them. 

You Will Never Know 
Unless You Have Our Book 

The easiest tiling in the world is simply to 
say that this is too good to be true, and forget all 
about it. 

But in this very booklet we prove one of our 
bargains the biggest of a lifetime — Our Congoleum 
Rug Bargain. We prove pur credit, our service, 
our guarantees. 

Without our Big Book, it is impossible to put 
us to other tests. With it, you can easily convince 
yourself one way or the other without even order- 
ing a thing. \ 
See all other bargains, Then Iook.every where 
else, too. Compare our va$i*ee as milch as you please. 
But be sure to have our Book so you can do all this. 
You'll find it worth while. 

It tells you everything more completely. We 
show a bonded Guarantee such as no one else has 
ever given. This would prevent our going back on a 
single statement, even if we were inclined to do so. 


Page 11— Inq. 

Ru^toMatch with Each 
9x12 Congoleum Rug 

In Front of Sink 




In Front of Stove 

Q^ese small rugs fill 
long felt want many home 

We are the only house in America 

that can make you this wonderful Congoleura 
offer. Nowhere else will you find anyone giv- 
ing three Congoleum Rugs free and all four 
ruga for less than the regular price of the 
big rug alone. As an entirely extra accom- 
modation we allow a year to pay. 

If you prefer to return the rugs after a 

month's trial, we refund your deposit immediately 
and also all freight costs both ways. 

When you get these three small rugs, and use 
them for a while, you will wonder how you were ever 
able to keep house without them. You know that the 
heavy wear spots are in front of the sink, the kitchen 
cabinet, the stove, the ice box and at the thresholds. 
No matter what kind of floor covering you own there 
is always some spot of this kind that shows more 
wear and spoils the whole appearance. 
The minute you get your big rug, lay the little 
rugs on top of it injust the proper places to prevent 
any uneven wear. They will last a whole lot longer 
and keep everything looking much prettier and better. 

This Is Really 
a Genuine FREE Offer 


People are accustomed to offers that claim 
to give things free. This offer is entirely different. 
For instance, look anywhere and everywhere 
and you will find the price of a genuine Gold Seal 
Congoleum Rug in the full 9 ft. x 12 ft. size is always 
thf same. The nearest magazine you happen to have 
will tell you that. You will find it true in all stores. 
Our price brings all four rugs for actually less 
than the universal standard price of the big 9x12 ft. rug 
alone. So you see we give you the three rugs free. 

Send Only One Dollar! 

To get all four mgt sent on approval for 30 
days* free use— just pin a dollar bill to the order blank 
enclosed. We will ship the pattern you select. 
Whichever pattern you pick out, all four rugs 

will be exactly the same. If you select pattern 408 
shown in full colors on pages 4 and 5, then the big rug 
as well as the three small rugs will be the same pattern. 
If you select pattern 534 shown in colors on 
pages 8 and 9, then the big rug and the three small 
rugs will aU be alike. 

We cannot send you the big rug in one pat- 
tern and the small rugs in another pattern. All four 
rugs will come to you in exactly the same design- 
matching in every way. 

Your Choice 

of Two Famous Patterns 

On pages 4 and 5 we show you the fa- 
mous mosaic tile design, pattern 408. One of the 
most popular Congoleum rugs ever produced. 
On pages 8 and 9 we show the beautiful 
Oriental Pattern No. 534, which is considered the 
moat beautiful Congoleum design. 

On this page at the left we show you the 
small rugs that match pattern 408. Above we 
show you the small rugs that match pattern 534. 
Whichever pattern you select you get three ruga 
free to match. 

Four Congoleum Rugs 
For Less Than the Price of One 

Each and every rug bears the famous Gold 
Seal that means complete satisfaction or money 
back. There is one big 9 x 12 ft. rug and three small 
rugs to match. Each small rug measures 18 x 36 in. 

Look for the Gold Seal 
on Every Rug 

Page 12— Inq. 





for Every Room in the Home 

Another View of the Lovely 
Oriental Pattern No. 534 

For Living Room, Dining Room, 
Kitchen or Bedroom 



Pattern No. 408 
makes a wonderful rug 
for the kitchen 


Send forTnis 




Here is a picture of our latest 
iW xTCQ0^ Home Lovers' Bargain Book- 

Jr\fiW^^**^ now runn * n & on the presses. 

/£ 7 We want to send it to you abso- 

* lutely free. We would like to place a copy, 

if possible, in every American home. We believe that it would result in 
better homes, nicer homes, more home happiness and comfort. 

It shows everything in home furnishings from cellar to 

garret— a great big display in every department. 

No store, no matter how big, could show such a vast variety. 

It brings to your home, to your easy chair, the opportunity to see every- 
thing good in furniture and house furnishings; to make your choice at 
leisure without stepping outside your door. 

It will bring to you many thoughts for the improvement of 

your home surroundings. It will doubtless prove an excellent guide to 
prices. Here and there you will get some splendid ideas that you can use 
in your home, whether you buy from us or not. 

Stamp the Postcard and Mail it NOW 

In fact, for the present let's not talk about buying at all. 

Let's forget all about our wonderful credit plan, our Free Loan offer, 
our splendid bargains. 

We are inviting you in this message to have a free copy of 

this new Home Lovers' Bargain Book. We want you to have a free copy 
of it, no matter where you are buying furniture now, no matter where 
you intend to buy it in the future. 

No matter who you are or where, you live, or what your cir- 
cumstances may be, we would welcome the opportunity to place a copy of 
this beautiful book in your hands free. 

We would like to know that whenever you shop for furniture, whenever 
you are looking through other catalogs, that there is a copy of our book in your home also, 
so that if you care to make comparisons you can do so. 

Notice your postcard has your name and address on it already. So just 

put a one cent stamp on it and mail. 

Mail Your Postcaid 


Our Great Congoleum Offer Is One Opportunity 
There Are 10000 Others In Our Big Free Catalog 

Forget all about buying for the present. If you want to take advant- 
age of the wonderful Congoleum Rug Offer, do so immediately so that you 

won't lose this great chance. If you don't order the Congoleum Rugs, ask for our 
Free Book anyway immediately. 

Ask for it quickly, because it, too, will not last long. Hundreds of thous- 
ands more people are bound to write for it this season than we can supply. Don't let any old- 
fashioned idea stand in the way of your writing for this book. Don't let silly prejudices 
stand in your way. 

It brings such a tremendous variety in all 
f*m**^*ȤZd. ff^ C^ MMl ranges of price that no store, no matter how large, 

utBtttt is Extra eve^^^ 

For the present, we're not talking 

about credit, we're not referring to our 
wonderfully easy terms, we're not talking about the 
fact that you can get everything you need for the home 
and pay little by little, almost as you please. 

All that is something extra, a nice feature 
that you'll enjoy if you ever trade here. But, at this 
moment, we're asking you to send for this book 
simply because it will bring to your home the finest 
and biggest collection of good house furnishings that 
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It brings you the opportunity to shop for 
home things leisurely without leaving your easy 
chair, without bother, persuasion or influence. You 
can make up your mind any time, any way and in 
a manner which must in the long run prove com- 
pletely satisfactory. 

It brings whatever article you ever select on 
free loan for a whole month. This is a free trial offer 
that we believe entirely different from any you have 
ever known. It allows you to use things, and plenty 
of time to compare them and test them in every way 
before deciding. 

It brings ten thousand times the opportunity 

offered in our wonderful Congoleum bargain. With 
might and main we have exerted, every thought, 
every particje of ability, every bit of energy we possess 
to duplicate that kind of a bargain in every item 
shown in this splendid book. 

It brings furniture and home comfort with- 
out waiting — when you want them, when you must 
have them— without money worry, without hardship, 
without embarassment. 

It brings every possible advantage you have 

ever enjoyed anywhere, at any time, when buying 
home needs, and many other benefits and advant- 
ages besides. 

It brings, last but not least, the easiest credit 
that anyone could ever possibly dream of enjoying. 

It brings credit so wonderful that it is al- 
most unbelievable. 

It comes, all this, just for the asking — just 
for the sake of sticking a on^-cent stamp on your 
postcard enclosed, and getting it into the mails with- 
out delay. Your name and address is already 
printed on postcard. 


Page 14— Inq. 

(ongoleum --Known Everywhere! 



Our Price 


V in-//: 


To prove our bar- 
gain without going 
outside your home, 
look through any one 
of these magazines: 
Ladies' Home Journal 

Saturday Evening Post 
Pictorial Review 
The Household 
Capper's Farmer 
Wallace's Farmer 
Michigan Farmer 
Pennsylvania Farmer 
Woman's World 
The Red Book 
American Woman 
Literary Digest 
The Farm Journal 
Country Gentleman 
The Farmer's Wife 
People's Popular 
Woman's Home Companion 
Nebraska Farmer 
Prairie Farmer 
Successful Farming 
Modern Priseilla 
Wisconsin Agriculturist 
Ohio Farmer 
Hoard's Dairyman 
The Designer 
The Christian Herald 
1 seores of others. Look in practically 
r,big newspaper, inquire at almost 
r furniture store. 

We show on this page a group of actual Congoleum 

advertisements. Notice the price of the 9x12 foot rug is always 
the same. That is also true of all other sizes. Go to any store, 
look through any catalog, search any magazine, and you will 
never find it any different. 

That is what makes our wonderful offer the bargain of a lifetime. 
We bring you a beautiful, big 9 x 12 foot genuine Gold Seal Congoleum Rug 
and three small rugs to match, all four for less than the regular standard cash 
advertised price of the big rug alone. 

Our price is lower than any in existence, and besides we give you 
three rugs extra, each small rug measuring 18 x 36 inches. We do even more 
than that. We offer you your choice of two of the most wonderful Congoleum 
patterns ever produced. We send your selection, on approval, for 30 days* 
trial, for only one dollar with your request. Simply pin one dollar to the special 
order blank enclosed, say which pattern you want and we will immediately ship 
you all four rugs. 

And there is still something else. If you are entirely satisfied, you 
may pay little by little, only $1,50 per month— taking a full year's time. 
If you would rather return the rugs, we will refund your dollar 
deposit and also refund, immediately, all freight charges you have paid out. 
No other house in America can make you such an offer. 
Congoleum rugs are known everywhere. They are always identified 
by the famons Gold Seal. This Gold Seal, pasted on a genuine Congoleum Rug, 
guarantees satisfaction or your money back. Always look for it. You will find it 
on each and every one of the rugs we send you. 


3 Small Rugs 


^ 4 

Low-priced, *a«it«vy 


Page 15— Inq, 

Above everything else we want you 

to have a copy of our latest Home Lovers 
Bargain Book. It is probably the biggest 
catalog of house furnishings published. Its page 
size is about the same as the Saturday Evening 
Post or the Ladies Home Journal, making it 
possible to show big pictures and to describe 
everything completely and thoroughly. . 

You will find enclosed with this an- 
nouncement, two post cards. One is for your 

use; the other, if you wish, hand to a friend. j 

Your post card has your own name 

and address printed on it already. All you 

have to do is to take the post card, put 
a one cent stamp on it and drop it in 
the mails without delay. 

This big book of ours costs, with 
the postage, about $1.00 a copy, yet it 
is free to you and we want you to 
have it. 

Aside from the ideas you will 
get from its beautiful display of house 
furnishings, is the ease of buying 
on our plan. The way we gladly 
send you the four Congoleum Rugs as 
described in this booklet is the way we 
are glad to send you anything. 

The big book shows probably 
10,000 such bargains. Our catalog 
terms are even more liberal. 

You will never know any an- 
noyance when trading here, any em- 
barrassment, any bother of any kind. 

Turn Your Spare Pennies 
Into Home Comforts 

We have no salesmen and no collectors. Our big catalog 

shows everything we sell. It pictures truthfully and we describe everything, 
even to the tiniest detail. We could not mislead you or exaggerate or mis- 
represent if we wanted to — as our business is done entirely by m2 ; l, and 
we could not use the mail if we did not deal honestly. 

Credit Without Asking 

Whenever you see anything in our big book that you want, simply pin to 
the order blank the small first deposit, get your selections on a month's free trial and pay 
little by little afterwards if you are perfectly pleased. Whatever doesn't perfectly please 
you, send back and have all money refunded. 

So you see there are no objections to our plan. Everything is for your 
benefit. We go to extreme lengths to guarantee you satisfaction. As long as we 
bring you real bargains that are easily proven, isn't it foolish not to take advan- 
tage of credit and furnish your home cozily, paying little by little, instead of causing your- 
self hardship by trying to meet such expense by paying full cash all at one time? 

The cash method of furnishing homes is really the old fashioned way. People 
who insist on paying cash are usually the families who have the poorest homes. 

Such folks spend their lives wishing and waiting for nice homes. They scrape 
to save up in advance— and then buy. They seldom do. They continue to "do without". We 
say: ''Don't wait any longer." Save up, little by little while you use your new things. That 
is so much better and you'll find it actually a lot easier. Just a few pennies laid aside now 
and then. It's like turning spare pennies into home comforts. 

So, once more we say do not fail to mail your post card — the post card that 

has your name and address printed on it. All that is necessry is to put a one cent stamp on 
it. And we like would very much to have you hand the other post card to a friend of yours. 




PAGE 16-inq.